The Universe had other plans

I haven’t posted on my blog for a while. As I mentioned in one of my last posts, we were planning on leaving Florida to move to Georgia because we knew we couldn’t survive another year down there financially. We were already in a huge hole and the pressure was not letting up after the collapse of the record label. Geoff’s health was bad with bronchitis and his adrenals. Our health care plan was the best and his primary care doctor was not pushing to get him into specialists.  He waited for over 6 months to see a pulmonary specialist and an endocrinologist and never saw either one.

(Plus rent has gone up in that area so much that you cannot find a house under $2000.00 that’s remotely decent. Even 2 bedroom apartments are $1650 and then after a year lease, the rent goes to $2100.00. That’s not affordable for middle-class families, especially those who depend on tourism for their incomes.)

Let’s just say that the Universe had different plans for us. We left Florida on June 2nd and we spent a hellacious but quite the eye opening 24 days in Georgia. By the end of that time, we all experienced the undeniable fact that there will never be much relationship with my parents, if any. I have not existed to them for years and I accept my part in that, but I don’t see a reciprocal understanding that relationships are two-way streets. I have a post about the emotional aspects of being adopted that I have been working on and will post at a later date, if I am ever able to get the words out. My younger brother and his family… Let’s just say Karma takes care of it all.

Through a series of events, including that childhood friend seeing if we could stay at her husband’s family’s place in Murphy, NC and a random text from a dear woman about the bacteria levels in the Gulf, our lives changed path forever…



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